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Text Box: Dry-Redwater Water Authority

Text Box: The Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority (DRWA)  
is locally owned by the 
Towns of Circle, Jordan, and Richey,    
Dawson & Richland Conservation Districts, 
McCone & Garfield  Conservation Districts, 
McCone County and Garfield County.

Text Box:  Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority
The general purpose for which, the DRWA was formed is to own and operate a regional water system that will provide a high quality water supply to the users in the service area. It is the long term solution to provide good quality and quantity of household and livestock water to the service area. The DRWA is responsible for the financial administration of the system, operation and maintenance of the billing and collection and all other duties and or items required for and in the operation of a regional water authority in the State of Montana.  A Feasibility Study was completed in June of 2006 that indicated that this system is financially, environmentally and operationally feasible. 
The Board of Directors of DRWA wanting to further explore the implementation of this project commissioned Interstate Engineering, Inc. to prepare an addendum to the original feasibility study that would determine the most advantageous location for an intake structure, pump house and water treatment facility to serve the project area. Determining the source of the water supply is the first step needed to clear environmental concerns and allow for the actual construction of the regional water system.                                                                                                                          The board members may be contacted for more information.
Text Box: General Data from Feasibility Study
The estimated total cost of the project is $115,116,000.  This estimate is for costs projected out to 2010 and is based on the directive of using conservative (higher) cost estimates. There is no cost savings taken into consideration for existing water towers, building and other equipment that could be used.
The project is financially feasible based upon the standards used for any potential rural water system in the U.S. This is based upon the standard assumptions that the Federal Government will pay 75% and the State of Montana 12.5% of the total construction costs. About 12.5% of the construction costs will be borne by the users.
2958 potential hookups have indicated interest to date. Most of these are included within the proposed area that indicates that it is financially feasible.
The final rate schedule will be set by the Board of Directors of DRWA to pay for the construction loan, operational costs and to fund a replacement account. 

Text Box: A Potential Rate Schedule and Cost of Water is:
Base Rate (All Users)                                         $24.50 / month
Water Treatment/Booster Station (All Users)   $1.80/1000 gal.
Pipeline Maintenance (Rural Users)                    $1.21/1000gal.              
Existing Water System Maintenance (Community Users *) *
*This fee will be set by the individual community based on their operating budget. The study will use the same rate for illustration purposes.                                                                               ("BEST ESTIMATED RATES" actual rates will be determined by the board of directors at the end of the final engineering study.)
Example bills for 8000, 5000 and 2000 gallons per month       
                                                               8,000      5,000     2000
Rural / City User Base Rate (minimal)     $24.50   $24.50     $24.50
 Water Treatment/Booster                      14.40       9.00        3.60
Pipeline or Water Maintenance Fee            9.68        6.05       2.42
Total Monthly Bill:                      $48.58  $39.55   $30.52
Example Pasture Tap Bills for 100 head of livestock         
                               48,000 gallons or 24,000 gallons
                                                  16 Gals./head         8 Gals/head
Base Rate (minimal)                         $24.50                $24.50
Water Treatment/Booster              $86.40                $43.20
Pipeline Maintenance                       $58.00                $29.04
Monthly Bill:                       $168.90        $96.74
(Pasture is based on a national average of 16 gallons per head per day for 365 days.)
In the process of moving this project forward; is to ask everyone that wants to take the next step to provide a $100.00 Good Intention Fee. 
This Good Intention Fee is a Refundable fee. If the system is not built, if the system is unable to deliver water to you, or if you at some point in the future decide not to hookup for any reason the fee will be refunded to you without interest. 
 The purpose of the fee is to show proof of firm support from us to the government and the potential funding agencies. The $100.00 Good Intention Fee will be applied to the projected $500.00 hookup fee should you hookup to the system. 
By signing up now you will be assured of being able to hookup at this reduced hookup rate.  
All others that decide to they might want to hookup at construction time will be charged the actual cost of hookup, which is projected to be easily a $1,000.00 and higher depending on each users location and situation.
 For more information please call the: McCone Conservation District, Jeanne Rae, 485-2744 ext 100. or Engineer Brian Milne 433-5617 or any Board Member; 
The checks are to be made out to the DRWA. Please return the following information and your Good Intention Fee to: DRWA at PO Box 276 Circle, MT 59215 (Please include best estimate of location of hookup. With Section, Township and Range)

Text Box: Benefits Of A Regional Water System
Improved quality of life associated with high quality safe drinking water: Health benefits of good water. More and more harmful chemicals (many carcinogens) are being found in our ground  water all the time. Water from the DRWA system will meet the same water quality standards as all other public systems.
Reduction of costs associated with water: No need to drill or maintain a well. Discontinuing water softening, water treatment, and water hauling. No electrical pumping costs.
 Fire Protection: Hydrants can be installed in various locations for rapid water refill for rural fire fighting.
 Livestock Use: Permanent backup in case of well failure. Adequate supply due to steady pressure. Increased weight gains in calves. Possible cost share for delivery to pastures from the NRCS EQIP Program.
Spray Use: Fewer plugged nozzles. Potential reduction in chemical costs as a result of increased spray efficiency. The system supplies a currant analysis of water quality upon request to assist the user in proper mixing of chemicals. This means better mixing of chemicals.  
Increased resale value of user’s property: Resale value may increase up to 10% of the property value of the homestead.
 Improved potential for economic development: Demand readily available for quality and quantity of water. Benefits of construction employment.
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Text Box: *The proposed area now also includes all area in  Dawson, Richland and McKenzie Co west of the Yellowstone River.


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